Entropic Print/Shredder Machin;

With: Garret Linn, Roberto Karmelic


click hier for further information (pdf file)

3D model (sketchup file)


Shredder examples

home made shredder

Shredder in action


The printer will be stripped of its outer casing, showing both their intestines/viscera and hiding its brand and origin. Attached to the printer there will be a display monitor where the text that is being printed can be read.


ESPM Table

The monitoring devices consist of tv’s displayed in strategic locations in the city where people can see in real time the text that is being printed. The screen ratio will be identical to the one printed on EPSM (printer body and grinder), meaning that what you see on the screen is the same than what you see on the paper. The monitors will be stripped from its outer casing becoming just a CTR, cationic tube ray, the electronic most rudimentary form of a TV.