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Terra Australis Ignota (Unknown South Land) is a concept introduced by Aristotle and Erastothenes and then extended by the cartographer Ptolemy. Until the mid-eighteenth century this concept considered the extension from Tierra del Fuego to the south as an absolutely unknown continent.

The Terra Australis Ignota project (TAI) geographically takes place at the most souther end of the planet, proposing situations for the user to draw his own conclusions, so that he navigates, or rather gets shipwrecked, in what we consider to be"the beginning" not "the end" of the world.


Audio oscillators
These objects take their name from a string with a specific length onto which the wind resonates, producing a deep sound and its visual representation in space.

The only proper way to experience this event would be in person; video capture is just a mere approximation of the original; a better way would be through the creative act of imagining a sound emitted from this remote area, in the same way that its spaces, people and situations must to be imagined, due either to distance or disappearance.

The audio oscillators are named after a set of numbers corresponding to the length in centimeters of the strings tuned in each specific place.


A series of videos considering a viewer at a particular geographical location, without a fixed time frame. A timeless scene which contemplation can be imagined through the eyes of someone alive 3000 years ago, in current times or coming from a possible future: a lighthouse keeper, a passing pirate or one of thousands of natives who disappeared after the arrival of "civilized" man.
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Perspectiva 2
Perspectiva 3
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This project is carried out by a group of selfless, enthusiastic participants and made thoroughly possible each time by the local community. A project that could not exist without the invaluable support of:

National Council of Culture and the Arts (CNCA, CL)

Federal Chancellery of Austria (BKA, AT)

Austromechana (SKE, AT)

Embassy of Austria in Chile (AT)

Armada de Chile (Chilean Navy)

National Forestry Corporation (Conaf, CL)

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS, Karukinka National Park, CL)

National Petroleum Company (ENAP, CL)

Austral Broom Ferries (CL)

Aerovias DAP (Air Transport, CL)